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Yew Hedge (Taxus) - Rootball

English Yew (Taxus baccata) hedging plants are native to the UK and are extremely long lived.  Yews are one of the UK's few native evergreen trees and have been used around churchyards, and for hedging for generations.  Yews have dark green needles and are compact growers which can be pruned back to the trunk and freely shoot again.  English yew (taxus baccata) has been used for impressive formal hedging and topiary.  Ultimate height and spread - 6m x 1.5m + 10-20 years.

Pre-order your Rootball English Yew Hedge Plants now for early November delivery

  • Rootball plants are suppled by ScotPlants Direct from November to April annually during their dormant (not actively growing) season.  
  • It is the best time for planting rootball hedge plants as they are economical especially for large planting projects.

Check out our Hedging Plants Section for more plantsgood range of plants for all your needs.

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