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Laurel (prunus) Hedging

Laurel Hedge Plants are tough evergreen shrubs as they are fast growing, dense, with thick green, leathery leaves.  They produce masses of tiny white flowers in upright spikes in spring and early summer followed by black shiny fruits who love the fruit.  Laurels are great for massing in shade, under trees, along drives and for making dense screening.  They can be hard pruned, and readily sprout new growth.  ScotPlants Direct offers Common Laurel, Cherry Laurel and Portuguese Laurel Hedging Plants.

Pre-order your bare root Laurel hedging plants now for good discounts, and first in line for early nationwide delivery.

  • Bare root season begins November thru April every year.  Buy bare root Laurel hedging plants now for an early November delivery.  Bareroot plants are despatched at this time as they are not actively growing and planted during this period as well. Buying bareroot hedging plants now is economical when needing to plant large areas of ground.  

ScotPlants Direct offer a wide range of competitively priced bareroot and rootball hedging plants and shrubs  We make every effort to meet your hedging plant requirements - let us know what you need, and we will attempt to meet that challenge.  Remember the more  you buy, the less you pay.

Common Laurel Hedge | ScotPlants Direct

Laurel Hedge Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia 30-40cm Bareroot


Laurel Hedge Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia Description Common Laurel hedging plants (Prunus..
Common Laurel Hedging

Common Laurel Hedge Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia Bareroot 40-60cm


Prunus rotundifolia Common Laurel Hedging - Bareroot and Evergreen Characteristics Laurel i..
Common Laurel Hedge Plant

Common Laurel Hedge Prunus Rotundifolia 60-90cm - Bare Root


Common Laurel Hedge Prunus Rotundifolia - Bare Root Specification Fast Growing Common Laurel H..
Cherry Laurel Prunus Caucasica

Cherry Laurel Hedge Prunus laurocerasus Caucasica 60-90cm Bare Root


Prunus laurocerasus Caucasica - Cherry Laurel Characteristics Fast growing evergreen hedgin..