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Japanese Wineberry

Japanese Wineberry or Rubus phoenicolasius Plants

The Wineberry Plant is native to Korea, Japan and China and is a cross between a blackberry and raspberry.  Flavours of Japanese Wineberry Plants can be deemed as slightly tart (if picked too soon) to a sweet tasting berry. 

The Wineberry plant has distinct characteristics of colourful red stems and delicate hairs.  The calyx can also be peppered with fine, sticky hairs often littered with trapped insects.  These sticky hairs are the plants defense mechanism and protect the plant against sap-loving insects

  • Wineberry fruit is orange/ red to deep burgundy/ red, ripens August
  • Eat straight when picked or can be cooked like raspberries, etc.
  • Plant full sun to partial shade, fertile, well-drained soil.  Water well while plant is establishing
  • Prune Wineberry plants same way as summer raspberry, cut out old fruiting stems when they have finished flowering

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Pot Grown Japanese Wineberry Self Fertile Sweet | ScotPlants Direct

Pot Grown Japanese Wineberry Self Fertile Sweet


Japanese Wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius) Plants Characteristics Self Fertile, with sw..