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Cherry Tree Prunus Avium

Cherry Trees are a great addition to any garden, especially fruiting cherry trees.  There are early to late fruiting varieties with a show of blossoms that attract bees and other insects.  Our range of cherry tree varieties will provide you with flavours from sweet to sour, cooking, eating and dessert cherry types.  Almost a cherry for any way they can be used.

Buy Your Cherry Tree now - Plant early and wait for the best backyard cherries!

  • Now is the time to order your bareroot cherry tree and plant early for spring.  Bareroot cherry trees are despatched from November to March when they are not actively growing or dormant.  Bareroot means just that, little or no soil on the roots, no pots. 
  • Bareroot season is the most economical time to purchase healthy fruit trees for allotments, or your garden for your own orchard

ScotPlants Direct also offer a range of potted fruit, from small (dwarf) to standard or the larger cherry tree.  Cherries are great for baking, jams, jellies or just picking right off the trees.  Most of our cherry trees are self-fertile meaning they do not have to have another tree to crop.  And for that small garden, we have a selection of dwarf or patio cherry trees.

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Cherry Sunburst Tree Self Fertile | ScotPlants Direct

Cherry Sunburst Tree Self Fertile


Sunburst Cherry are self-fertile, very popular, sweet dessert cherry.  ..