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Hedging Plants

Quick Growing Hedges

Our customers at ScotPlants Direct find that our bare root, rootball, and pot grown fast growing hedge plants when planted serve many functions in the garden. 

  • Hedging Plants can be great sound and pollution barriers, form boundaries between properties, keep out unwanted visitors, and provide screening and privacy as well as a valuable habitat for wildlife.

​Best Fast Growing Hedging Plants

  • Fast growing, evergreen,native and even flowering hedging plants are for sale from bare root to pot grown.
  • ScotPlants Direct offer a range of hedging plants from the small to more established hedge plant including Hawthorn, Privet, Hornbeam, Beech and much more.
  • Buy Online Hedging Plants online now for the best deals
  • We offer a quantity discount for retail, trade, and commercial customers throughout the UK making your hedge purchase affordable.  
Bare Root Hedge Plants

Bare Root Hedge Plants

Rootball Hedging Plants

Rootball Hedging Plants

Pot Grown Hedging

Pot Grown Hedging