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Pyracantha Hedge - Pot Grown

Pyracantha / Firethorn

Pyracantha are thorny and prickly and they make the best natural security barrier for gardens, or other projects. 

  • They are manageable and are some of the best berrying shrubs which is a good way to feed wildlife. 
  • All varieties of Pyracantha produce masses of small white flowers in early summer followed by long lasting yellow, orange or red fruits in autumn. 

Pyracantha are evergreen or semi-evergreen, with a rigid habit and large spines and is one of the best recommended anti-burglar plants to grow in gardens. 

  • Pyracantha plants will grow on any soils except boggy ones. 
  • They are great for walls, fences facing any direction, in sun or shade. 
  • Pyracantha are not climbers but can be trained against walls or fences if tied, and make a fantastic free standing shrub or hedge.  

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Pyracantha Orange Charmer

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