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Willow Hedging (Salix)

Willow (Salix) hedge plants are tough, versatile, vigorous deciduous trees that have fluffy catkins early spring and ideal for most soils.  Many Willows are excellent for wet areas, ponds and riverbanks.  Willows are fully hardy and show themselves off early spring with catkins in spring that give a beautiful pale yellow-green effect.  Willows can be superb as stand-alone specimens or included in traditional hedge mixes.

Buy Willow Hedge Plants Hedging Bare Root

  • Buy bare root Willow (Salix) hedging plants at ScotPlants Direct now for best deals.  Bareroot plant season is November to April and buying hedging plants at this time are the most economical for planting large areas of ground.  Bareroot plants are despaatched during this period when they are dormant (not actively growing) with little or no soil.  Pre-ordering plants now ensures an early November delivery and a headstart on your planting.

​Check our Hedging Plant Section for more great plants and volume discounts - the more you buy the better the price!

Red Stemmed Willow 40/60cm Bare Root (Salix alba Chermesina) | ScotPlants Direct

Red Stemmed Willow 40/60cm Bare Root (Salix alba Chermesina)


Red Stemmed Willow - Salix alba Chermesina or Britzensis  Red Stemmed willows are best ..
White Willow 40/60cm Bare Root (Salix alba) | ScotPlants Direct

White Willow 40/60cm Bare Root (Salix alba)


Salix Alba - White Willow White willow are slender, with yellow-green drooping branches that love..