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Thornless Boysenberry Bush / Plant

Boysenberry plants are known as ‘the pick of the bunch’ for healthy eating, 100% natural, healthy and SELF FERTILE bush. The fruit is round to oblong, reddish-purple, with a unique sweet flavour. 

  • Boysenberry is a cross between a blackberry, logan berry and raspberry - having the firmness of the blackberry, and the sweet, yet slightly tart but juicy flavours of the logan berry and raspberry ! 
  • Boysenberry fruit are large, about 1.5inches long and 1 inch round 
  • Delicious when eaten fresh - makes great jams, jellies, pies
  • Ripens late July
  • Plant 5-6ft apart and reap the rewards!

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Pot Grown Thornless Boysenberry Self Fertile Sweet Plant | ScotPlants Direct

Pot Grown Thornless Boysenberry Self Fertile Sweet Plant


Thornless Boysenberry (Rubus) Plant Characteristics New Thornless Boysenberry (Rubus) bushe..