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Amelanchier Canadensis Hedge June Berry

Amelanchier Canadensis plants are native to North America and Canada and is usually found on wet and boggy sites.  Growth habit is upright, multistemmed large shrub to small tree.  White flowers are showy in early spring followed by purple to red fruit, sweet and attracts wildlife.  Winter hardy and easy to grow.

Amelanchier Canadensis - Bare Root Hedging Plants

ScotPlants Direct can only supply bare root plants when they are dormant (not actively growing) during the winter months but you can PRE ORDER now to ensure an early delivery date at the start of the season in November to April annually.

  • We offer a range of competitively priced bareroot hedging plants, shrubs, rootballed plants with Nationwide delivery.   
  • Let us know what you need, and we will attempt to meet that challenge.
Juneberry 40/60cm Bare Root (Amelanchier canadensis) | ScotPlants Direct

Juneberry 40/60cm Bare Root (Amelanchier canadensis)


Amelanchier Candensis - Juneberry Amelanchier bears profuse white flowers in spring followed by e..