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Raspberry Canes Scottish Bare Root

Raspberry canes are grown for the fresh fruit market but have now been an ideal addition to home gardens. Like blueberries raspberries contain significant amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C. They are easy to grow with good fruit yields. Bare Root Raspberry Canes (rubus ideaus) are one of the more economical ways to begin your home grown bushes.  They are easy to plant and care for, and will reward you with good quality, juicy, sweet fresh fruit throughout the summer and onward.  Imagine all the goodness from just a few bushes!

Buy Scottish Bare Root Raspberry Canes with UK Wide Delivery from November to April annually

  • Pre-order your favourite bare root raspberry canes from ScotPlants Direct and get an early November delivery.  Our raspberry canes are harvested from local Scottish fields, and are eco-friendly and economical.  Bare root raspberry canes (not actively growing) are despatched from November to March nationwide.  Order now for an early planting, discount deals (the more you buy the better the price), and while supplies last.
  • Our Scottish grown raspberry canes are 1 year old at time of despatch and ready to do some great fruiting!
  • All raspberry canes have been inspected and certified by SASA

We offer the popular red varieties, Autumn Bliss, Glen Ample, Cascade Delight and new introductions Octavia and Joan J.  Our raspberry canes are 1 year old and will be fruit bearing next year and many more years to come.  Easy to grow and 100% organic if you grow them yourself - let's get growing now!

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Raspberry TwoTimer

Pot Grown Red Raspberry rubus ideaus Two timer Sugana


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Raspberry Canes

Raspberry 20 Raspberry Canes Mix - Bareroot


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Raspberry Canes

Raspberry Big Economy Bumper Package 40 Canes - Bareroot


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Raspberry Cane Octavia | ScotPlants Direct

Raspberry Canes Octavia Summer Fruiting Raspberry Bushes


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Raspberry Cane Tulameen | ScotPlants Direct

Raspberry Canes Tulameen Late Fruiting Raspberry Cane


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Raspberry Bush Joan J Autumn Fruiting Canes

Raspberry Joan J Autumn Fruiting Canes


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Raspberry  Autumn Bliss

Raspberry Cane Rubus Autumn Bliss Autumn Fruiting - Bareroot


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Raspberry Rubus Cascade Delight

Raspberry Canes Cascade Delight Late Red - Bareroot


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Raspberry Rubus  Glen Ample

Raspberry Rubus Glen Ample Red Summer Fruiting - Bare Root


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Raspberry Allgold Fallsgold

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