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Rootgrow - Mycorrhizal fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi - Rootgrow

Rootgrow (mycorrhizal fungi) is the biological choice of fertiliser when planting into soil.  It is a granule that is sprinkled into the bottom of the planting hole, and must touch the roots for best results. Rootgrow contains a blend of UK origin (and UK grown) mycorrhizal fungi. Once these fungi come into contact with the plant roots, they attach themselves and grow out into the soil looking for nutrients and water to feed to their new host plant.  The process is not one sided, as in return the plant gives the fungi carbon and sugars that they cannot process from the soil.  Rootgrow is completely natural and environmentally friendly. 

Mycorrhizal fungi can be used when planting trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, seeds and bulbs. It supplies nutrients to the treated plants progressively resulting in significant growth early and prolonged fruiting. It has become standard treatment for planting roses by standard gardeners shown to combat replant sickness and greater blooms.

Rootgrow enhances the root system so a newly planted plant:

  • Finds more food, finds more water
  • Needs less fertiliser
  • Established quicker and reduces failure rates
  • Has increased tolerance to drought and adverse soil conditions
  • Provides your plants with friendly natural / organic fungi in just a few weeks
  • Provide you plants with the best start in life – buy rootgrow (mycorrhizal fungi) for planting.
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