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Bonemeal Garden Fertiliser

Sterilised Bone Meal is an organic slow release fertiliser from ScotPlants Direct that not only encourages root development but also provides phosphates and nitrogen, two elements essential for healthy plant growth. This slow, steady release of nutrients over a long period make bone meal an ideal fertiliser for bulbs and herbaceous plants, shrubs, roses, fruit trees and strawberries. Apply as required during the growing season. Can be applied prior to sowing or planting. Can be applied as a top dressing for roses, border plants, fruit trees and bushes.

Including professional 25kg bags at wholesale prices including VAT.

Bonemeal Fertiliser Westland Root Builder - 10Kg Tub | ScotPlants Direct

10Kg Tub Bonemeal Fertiliser Westland Root Builder


Westland Root Building Bonemeal Fertiliser - 10Kg Tub Specifications High phosphorus conten..