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Holly Hedging - Pot Grown

Holly hedging is the most widely grown in many UK gardens.  Common Holly is known for its festive winter decoration and is one of the UK's few native evergreen trees. It is a hardy tree or shrub, able to survive in most conditions except where it is extremely wet.  Holly has distinctive spiny leaves which deter intruders and grazing animals and protect birds as they feed on the bright red berries. White flowers appear in May followed by red berries on female plants by late November. Holly has been planted widely in parks, gardens and hedges.  Holly's dense evergreen foliage and spiky leaves make a good anti burglar hedge barrier or it can be included in traditional native hedge mixes.  Common Holly is slow growing and easily trimmed to shape, making it perfect for hedging

Quantity Discounts

Scot Plants Direct offer a range of competitively priced Pot Grown hedging plants well as offering quantity discounts.  We make every effort to meet your hedging plant requirements - let us know what you need, and we will attempt to meet that challenge.

Ilex Crenata Holly Golden Gem

Ilex Crenata Holly Golden Gem


Ilex Crenata Holly Golden Gem  Characterirstics Compact evergreen shrub for year round..
English Holly Hedge

Pot Grown Common Holly Hedge - Ilex Aquifolium


Common Holly Hedge - Ilex Aquifolium Pot Grown Supplied 30-40cm tall, Pot Grown for year round..