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Photinia Red Robin (x fraseri) Pot Grown

Photinia Red Robin (x fraseri) hedging is an extremely popular evergreen garden plant. Its bright reddish-brown young growth is very showy but comes early and can be an excellent show for gardens.  Photinia hedging is tough and its showy growth begins early in spring with insignificant white flowers bringing much needed colour to gardens.  Photinia is an excellent alternative to other evergreen hedging.  It is very responsive to hard pruning and to shaping into pyramids, and columns.  Pot Grown Hedging is excellent for all year round planting.

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Scot Plants Direct offer a range of competitively priced Pot Grown hedging plants and shrubs as well as offering quantity discounts.  We make every effort to meet your hedging plant requirements - let us know what you need, and we will attempt to meet that challenge

Photinia Red Robin Hedging

Pot Grown Photinia x fraseri Red Robin Hedge


Photinia x Fraseri Red Robin Pot Grown Hedge Characteristics  Supplied 30+cm tall, 9cm..
Photinia Red Robin Plant

3-4ft Pot Grown Photinia x fraseri Red Robin Hedge


Photina x fraseri Red Robin - Evergreen Pot Grown Characteristics Available 90-125cm tall, ..
Photinia fraserii Red Robin

30-40cm Pot Grown Red Robin Photinia x fraseri Hedge


Photinia x Fraseri Red Robin Plants Characteristics Supplied 2 litre pot grown, 30-40cm tal..