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Honeyberry Plant (Lonicera caerulea)

Lonicera caerulea - Honeyberry Plants

The Honeyberry Plant, or Lonicera, is best described as the ‘mystery berry’, as its flavour is quite often difficult to describe.  Its flavour can be similar to a blackberry, or cherry, perhaps a kiwi or even a grape that’s where the mystery begins.  The Honeyberry has very thin skin and can be unusually shaped, but they do however, just melt in your mouth when eaten fresh off the brush or used fresh or frozen in your favourite blueberry recipe.

  • The Honeberry Plant is Russian in origin, can be referred to as edulis
  • Honeyberries should be dark blue in colour all the way through before picking for the sweetest berries
  • Plant about 4-6 feet apart, and loads of water for the first few years of planting to promote a deep root growth – do not over water potted plants as they should dry out between watering
  • Honeyberry leaves experience sun / wind scald and will drop or have browning leaves. They can be planted in a bit of shade.  
  • Honeyberries will produce fruit on year old wood, and large crops when mature
  • Increase fruit production with another variety of honeyberry, and the added benefits of insects will be great pollinators

ScotPlants Direct have two varieties of Honeyberry Plants:

  • Lonicera caerulea Morena
  • Lonicera Fialka
  • Available 2 Litre Pot Grown and ready to plant

Honeyberry Morena and Failka are sold as a pair to ensure that you have the best pollination of your Honeyberry Plants  

Honeyberry Plant Lonicera caerulea Singolaska and Wojtek | ScotPlants Direct

Honeyberry Plant Lonicera caerulea Singolaska and Wojtek


Lonicera caerulea var Kamchatka Singolaska and Wojtek  Supplied in pairs for best fe..