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Fruit Trees - Apple Trees

The Apple Tree can be seen in almost any garden in the UK or allotment.  There are Apple Trees for limited garden space and Apple Trees for the orchard enthusiast.  It is great that you can select an Apple Tree for most climates, from warm to cold and a variety of flavours, from sweet and crispy to a bit sour, but juicy.  And let us not forget that great Cider Apple!

Order your Bare Root Apple Trees now and get planting fruit trees - Best is always your own!

  • Bareroot apple trees are despatched without soil and not actively growing from November to March throughout the UK.  Planting fruit trees at this time is ideal and easy.  Buy now for best deals.

We have a good selection of the best selling Apple Trees in the UK at our nursery in Scotland from bareroot to pot grown, patio to standard fruit trees.  There are cooking and dessert and general eating apples among our range offered.  Popular healthy top fruit for pies, jams, and more pies!  All our apple trees will be packed with plenty of fruit flavours, beautiful blooms in the spring that attract bees and other insects for nectar and give you the best apples in the whole of the UK. 

Check out our range of Fruits as we have other fruits that are healthy, easy to grow and good for you!

Dual Apple Golden Delicious + Elstar Tree Patio| ScotPlants Direct

Apple Duo Golden Delicious & Elstar - Tree Patio


Duo Apple Golden Delicious and Elstar – Apple Patio Two great apples on one tree! Suppl..
Coxs Orange Pippin Apple Tree | ScotPlants Direct

Apple Tree Coxs Orange Pippin Tree


Cox's Orange Pippin Apple Trees - Dessert / Eating Apple Characteristics Consider..
Apple Discovery Tree | ScotPlants Direct

Apple Tree Discovery Dessert


Discovery Apple Trees -  Dessert Apples Characteristics Discovery apples are one of mo..
Gala Apples Trees | ScotPlants Direct

Apple Tree Gala Dessert Self Fertile


Gala Apple Tree - Eating / Dessert Apples Characteristics Most popular dessert and eating a..
Dessert Apple James Grieve Apple Trees

Apple Tree James Grieve


James Grieve Apple Tree - Dessert / Eating Apples Characteristics James Grieve apples are the ..
Best Buy Garden Apple Tree Selection

Three Apple Fruit Tree Mix


3 Apple Tree Mix Description Three great apple trees to start any allotment or garden orchard...
Golden Delicious Tree | ScotPlants Direct

Apple Golden Delicious Tree Dessert Cooking


Golden Delicious Apples (Malus domestica) Cooking & Dessert Apples Characteristics Golden ..
Granny Smith Apple Tree | ScotPlants Direct

Apple Granny Smith Tree Dessert Self Fertile


Granny Smith Apples (Malus domestica) - Dessert & Cooking Apples Characteristics Granny Sm..
Spartan Apple Tree | ScotPlants Direct

Apple Tree Spartan Dessert


Spartan (Malus domestica) Apples - Dessert Apple Characteristics Self Fertile, Dessert Appl..
Red Falstaff Apple Tree | ScotPlants Direct

Red Falstaff Apple Trees


Red Falstaff Apple Trees - Malus domestica Characteristics Self Fertile apple trees Good ..
Apple Bramley Seedling

Apple Tree Bramley Seedling Cooking


Bramley Seedling Apple Tree - Cooking Apple Specification Bramley apples are considered the..
Apple Katy Tree

Apple Tree Katy Dessert


Katy Apple Trees - Dessert / Eating Apples Characteristics The Katy apple is a very popular&nb..
Apple Red Delicious Tree

Apple Tree Red Delicious Dessert


Red Delicious Apple Tree -  Dessert / Eating Apple Characteristics Red Delicious app..
Apple Tree Egremont Russet | ScotPlants Direct

Apple Egremont Russet Tree Self Fertile Dessert Apples


Egremont Russet Apple Tree Apples Characteristics Dessert Apple, Self Fertile Supplied &n..