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Blueberry Plants - Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry Plants and Bushes for Sale

Scot Plants Direct offer a large range of Blueberry Bushes or Plants that are 2-3 years old, and developed enough to be fruit-bearing this year or next, and will crop for many years to come.

  • Get help from us in growing your own blueberry bushes whether for fun or to start your own blueberry farm. 
  • Browse our blueberry bush section and select from favourites such as Dixi, Blue Gold or new variety Ozark Blue

Growing blueberries is not as difficult as one may think.  All you need are blueberry bushes that suit your climate, prepare the soil with the proper pH and you will have home grown, antioxidant rich berries all summer long.

Blueberries have been around a long time and are one of the easiest fruits to grow.  You can grow certain types of blueberry bushes almost anywhere.  The only factor to remember is the soil acidity as blueberries require a pH 5.0 or slightly lower.  Blueberries can be grown in containers filled with an acidic, bark based planting mix which is perfect for very small gardens, patios and decks.

Types of Blueberries to Try

  • Northern highbush blueberries like Jersey, Blue Crop,  and Northland grow in almost any climate, including colder climates.  
  • Lowbush blueberries such as Top Hat are native to the colder parts of North America.  
  • Southern highbush such as the blueberry bush, Sunshine Blue are for the warmer climates and require little chilling.

How to Plant Blueberries

You should choose a sunny, well drained site that has an acidic pH soil for growing blueberry bushes.  Most soils may have to be amended to reach the recommended pH  - incorporate some rhododendron / azalea compost into the planting site and that will ensure a proper environment.

  • Note:  All blueberry bushes are VAT free!!
Blueberry Bush Collection | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Bush Collection (5 Plants) (Bmix3)


5 x Blueberry Bushes (Vaccinium corymbosum) Seasonal Collection Characteristics: Blueberrie..
Blueberry Plant Seasons Mix | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Mix - All Seasons Collection (Bmix1)


What a great all season Blueberry Mix for any starter garden or because you LOVE Blueberries! Now at..
Blueberry Sunshine Blue Bushes | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Bush Sunshine Blue (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Plant Sunshine Blue (vaccinium corymbosum) Evergreen Blueberry Plant Characteristics ..
Blueberry Bush Top Hat | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Bush Top Hat (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Bush Top Hat (Vaccinium angustifolia) Characteristics Compact, dwarf growth habit..
Blueberry Plants | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Mix *Limited Edition* (Bmix4)


5 x Blueberry Plants (Vaccinium corymbosum) Limited Edition Collection This Limited Edition Blueb..
Blueberry Blue Dessert Bushes | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Blue Dessert - Pot Grown


Blueberry Blue Dessert (Vaccinium corymbosum) Northern Highbush Late Season, new northern high..
Blueberry Blue Gold

Blueberry Blue Gold Mid Season - Pot Grown


Blueberry Blue Gold Self Fertile, good cropping, hardy Blueberry Blue Gold is a mid-season b..
Blueberry Plant Blue Crop

Blueberry Bush Blue Crop - Pot Grown


Blueberry Plant Blue Crop (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics Blueberry Blue Crop p..
Blueberry Bonus | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Bush Bonus (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Bonus Bush (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics: Fruit season July / August onw..
Blueberry Brigitta

Blueberry Bush Brigitta Late Season Mild / Sweet Self Fertile - Pot Grown


Blueberry Brigitta Late Season Mild / Sweet Self Fertile - Pot Grown Description Blueberry Bri..
Blueberry Plant Chandler

Blueberry Bush Chandler (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Plant Chandler (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics Growing height 4-6ft uprigh..
Blueberry Bush Darrow

Blueberry Bush Darrow (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Darrow Plants (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics: Darrow blueberries can be p..
Blueberry Dixi

Blueberry Bush Dixi - Pot Grown


Blueberry Bush Dixi - Northern Highbush Characteristics: Mid to Late Season with SWEET flav..
Blueberry Bush Duke | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Bush Duke (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Bush Duke (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics Self Fertile but would poll..
Blueberry Plant Early Blue

Blueberry Bush Early Blue (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Early Blue will be the first to ripen and early to bloom heavy yielding berry. Blueberr..
Blueberry Plant Elizabeth

Blueberry Bush Elizabeth (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Bush Elizabeth (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics Super fruit with loads of a..
Blueberry Elliott | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Bush Elliott Late Season Self Fertile - Pot Grown


Blueberry Elliott Late Season Self Fertile - Pot Grown Characteristics Late Season Blueberr..
Blueberry Plant Goldtraube23

Blueberry Bush Goldtraube23 (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Plant Gold Traube 23 (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics Superfruit with loads..
Blueberry Jersey Plants

Blueberry Bush Jersey (Pot Grown)


Blueberry Bush Jersey (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics Jersey is one of the most popu..
Blueberry North Country | ScotPlants Direct

Blueberry Bush North Country (Pot Grown)


Blueberry North Country Bush (Vaccinium angustifolium) Characteristics Fruit season July / ..
Blueberry North Sky

Blueberry Bush North Sky Self Fertile Mid Season - Pot Grown


Blueberry North Sky (Vaccinium corymbosum) Characteristics Compact Blueberry North Sky perf..