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Cranberry Bush

Cranberry Plants (Vaccinium macroparon)

Cranberries or Vaccinium macroparon are unique fruits.  They are one of three native fruits to North America.  Cranberries grow on low lying vines like strawberry plants.  These beds are commonly known as bogs or beds layered with sand, peat, gravel and clay.  Their trailing stems should be buried and will root over time.  If your garden grows rhododendrons or other acid loving plants, then cranberries should succeed.  Cranberries are full of flavour and chock-a-block with all those essential ingredients for a long and healthy life.  They can be eaten fresh from the plant, used in scones, and cakes, juices, jams or dried.

  • Never let the cranberry plants dry out, but do not waterlog
  • Feed during growing season
  • Harvest from September to mid-October

ScotPlants Direct offer two of the easy and best cranberry varieties:

  • Pilgrim which is ideal for container growing
  • Early Black for early harvest of fruit, ideal fruit for sauces and baking. 

Select your cranberry plant now and be ahead of anyone else.

Cranberries are VAT FREE!

Cranberry Plant Early Black Vaccinium macrocarpon | ScotPlants Direct

Cranberry Plant Early Black Vaccinium macrocarpon


Cranberry Plant Early Black (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Self Fertile, full of vitamins Supp..
Cranberry Plant Pilgrim Vaccinium macrocarpon | ScotPlants Direct

Cranberry Plant Pilgrim Vaccinium macrocarpon


Cranberry Bush Pilgrim (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Superfruit Large and very red fruit, high in an..