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Cotoneaster Hedging

Cotoneaster is a versatile evergreen to semi-evergreen plant that is great for all gardens.  Bursting into flower in spring with loads of white or pale pink blossoms and attracting bees and other insects.  Cotoneaster can be ground cover, small trees, or shrubs.  Some Cotoneaster are included in traditional hedging schemes.  Cotoneaster bright coloured berries are not only abundant in number but they make the Cotoneaster the most useful fruiting shrub in autumn for wildlife.  Cotoneaster are quick growing and can reach heights of 9 feet. Cotoneaster are one of the best plants for the Scottish climate.

Buy Cotoneaster franchetii - Quick Growing Bare Root Hedging

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Franchet Cotoneaster 40/60cm Bare Root (Cotoneaster franchetii) | ScotPlants Direct

Franchet Cotoneaster 40/60cm Bare Root (Cotoneaster franchetii)


Cotoneaster Franchetii Hedging Plants Cotoneaster will tolerate most soil types, and is one of th..