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Grapes vines have been grown in Britain for many years. They are tough, hardy plants that do not take up much space and can be planted at the back of borders, along fences or climbing up pergolas. Once harvested, why not make your own wine and impress friends and relatives with your own vintage!

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Golden Champion Grape

Pot Grown Vitis Golden Champion Grape Vine


Vitis vinifera Golden Champion White Grape Characteristics Self Fertile, easy to grow white..
Vitis Grape Boskoop Glory | ScotPlants Direct

Vitis Grape Boskoop Glory Seedless Grapes


Boskoop Glory (Vitis vinifera) Seedless Grapes Characteristics Self Fertile Supplied..
Vanessa Grape Vine

Vitis Vanessa Grape Vine Seedless


Vanessa (Vitis vinifera) Grape Vine Red Seedless Characteristics Self Fertile Fast g..