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Berberis Hedging Purple - Pot Grown

Berberis (Japanese barberry) hedge plants can be either deciduous or evergreen shrubs.  They bear spiny shoots, small leaves, and small yellow or orange flowers followed by small berries.  The most common of the Berberis hedging, Berberis Thunbergii, can be either green or the popular purple leaf variety with solitary, yellow flowers followed by bright scarlet berries.   Berberis is ideal for keeping out unwanted visitors and adds protection to your garden due to the spiny nature of the hedging shrubs and attractive to wildlife. Berberis hedging is one variety that is perfect for all year garden specimens - as hedging plants or that perfect specimen bush!  

Berberis Darwinii Hedging Plants | ScotPlantsDirect

Pot Grown Berberis Darwinii Barberry


Berberis Darwinii - Barberry Hedge Plant Description: Berberis Darwinii is a fast growing..
Berberis Stenophylla (Barberry) 25-35cm Pot Grown

25-35cm Pot Grown Berberis Stenophylla Barberry


Berberis Stenophylla Description Berberis Stenophylla, tough, hardy evergreen shrub with thorn..
Berberis atropurpurea Hedging

30-40cm Pot Grown Purple Berberis thurnbergii atropurpurea


Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea - Purple Berberis Hedge Plant Description Berberis thunbergii..