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Gooseberry Bush

Gooseberries, Red (hinnomaki) and Green (uva-crispa), are easy to grow and tolerate a range of soil conditions.  Cropping is best if planted in a sunny situation, but will be ok with some shade.  A gooseberry bush will fruit from late spring throughout the summer and be a great source of various culinary uses.  All gooseberries are self-fertile and set a permanent root system that should provide years of crops, provided you prune the bush a little each year.  

Gooseberries Are For Life

  • The Gooseberry is self fertile, pollinated by insects and wind
  • Establish a permanent root system providing years of good crops
  • We have selected gooseberry bushes that are selected for sweet flavours, disease resistance, easy to grow and good croppers

Bare root gooseberry bushes are for sale from November to April annually.  Browse our Fruits section for more garden greats while you wait for red and green gooseberries ready again in November.

Red Gooseberry Bush

Gooseberry Bush Hinnomaki Red 40-60cm - Bareroot


Red Gooseberry - Ribes uva-crispa Hinnomaki Red Sweeter than the green gooseberry, the red goo..
Ribes uva crispa Hinnomaki Green Gooseberry

Ribes uva crispa Green Gooseberry Hinnomaki Green Bareroot


Green Gooseberry Hinnomaki Green Bush Bareroot Good disease resistance Popular for gardens a..
Green Gooseberry Bush Invicta

Gooseberry Bush Green Invicta 40-60cm - Bareroot


Green Gooseberry - Ribes uva-crispa invicta Characteristics Green goosberries are the most ..