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Wild Pear (Pyrus communis) Hedging Bare Root

Wild Pear hedging plants are a native UK tree, and has grown here for many years.  It is an attractive tree with profuse white blossoms in early spring and good autumn leaf colour.  Wild or common pear plants have glossy green leaves, turning to superb shades of gold and orange in autumn.  The flower blooms are a spectacular sight followed by small edible fruit attracting the wildlife.  Wild pear is ideal for including in traditional hedge schemes, woodland edges, or specimen trees.

Wild Pear (Pyrus communis) Hedging Plants / Trees

  • Order bareroot hedging plants now and get an early November delivery.  Bareroot season is November to April and plants despatched during this period are economical to buy for planting large areas of ground or any planting project.  Pre-order now to make sure you have the plants you need for your project.

Check out our Hedging Plant Section for more plant ideas.  Remember ScotPlants Direct have volume discounts - the more you buy, the better the deal!

Wild Pear 40/60cm Bare Root (Pyrus communis) | ScotPlants Direct

Wild Pear 40/60cm Bare Root (Pyrus communis)


Wild Pear - Pyrus Communis Wild Pear has grown in the UK for thousands of years and is considered..