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In stock now - limited quantities - Prunus Laur Rotundifolia (Cherry Laurels, Common Laurels) 40-60cm tall Pot Grown ready to ship.  Buy now before they are gone!

New Stock of BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS (common Box, Boxwood) Ready to ship - limited quantities


Trees for all Types of Gardens

Trees are long lived and they create much of the atmosphere and climate of gardens.  Most gardens will have room for at least one tree, even the smallest garden.  Trees add beautiful colour throughout the summer and autumn.  Trees provide many natural features for gardens and should be considered a long term investment.

Which Tree?

  • Trees can be colourful and handsome specimens so choose your tree carefully.
  • Trees can have greedy roots when mature, as well as being too tall for the garden.
  • Choose your tree carefully and it can bring you years of pleasure

Check out our range of Trees from ScotPlantsDirect:  Choose from Bare root, or Pot Grown with Nationwide Delivery - if you are local to our location find us and come in and take a look around!

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees