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Spunbonded Fabrics

Spunbound Landscape Weed Control Fabrics

Spunbound mulching fabrics roles are for those areas of light foot traffic, ideal for borders, under bark chips, gravel around patios, etc.

  • The fabric is manufactured to aid in the flow of water through the membrane to prevent that pooling of water on the surface.
  • Scotplantsdirect offer spunbound fabric at 70gsm.
  • Take a look at our fabric fixing pegs to secure the fabric down.  Plastic pegs with barbs to keep in place and copper coated steel pegs.
  • All Prices Include VAT

The grade of fabric depends on the type of traffic in that area, ie 70gsm for light to little heavier traffic, but not suitable for driveways. We sell quality rolls of weed control membrane from 50m to 100m long & 1m wide to 3m wide at competitive wholesale prices. 

Remember if fabrics are used with insufficient cover, the ultraviolent rays in sunlight will eventually over time reduce the fabric's tensile strength.  Recommendation is to cover the weed control fabric with gravel, mulch or a good layer of bark to increase its life span.

Weed Control Fabric - Spunbound - 1M X 100M 70gsm

1m x 100m 70gsm Spunbound Weed Control Fabric


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Weed Control Fabric - Spunbound - 2M X 50M 70GSM

Weed Control Fabric - Spunbound - 2M X 50M 70GSM


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Weed Control Fabric - Spunbound

2m X 100m 70gsm Spunbound Weed Control Fabric


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