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Lime Tree (Tilia cordata) Bare Root

Tilia Cordata more commonly known as the Lime Tree is a deciduous, large tree with good foliage and winter stems. Ideal as a large specimen for large gardens or as a trained tree for smaller gardens as pleached or hedging schemes. Flowers are dull white to yellow green with five sepals and petals produced on short stalks Fruit are small nutlike fruits in autumn.

Lime Trees (Tilia cordata) For Sale UK Wide Delivery

  • Pre-order now your bare root Lime Trees (tilia cordata) from ScotPlants Direct offer Tilia cordata ( Lime Trees) for an early delivery at the start of November.  Bare root plant and tree season  is November to April annually. During this time plants and trees are very economical to buy especially when planting large areas of ground.  Order now and get an early delivery as well as a good head start for planting.

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Lime Tree Hedging Plants

Tilia Cordata Lime Bareroot Tree Hedge - 60-90cm


Lime Tree - Tilia Cordata Characteristics Popular tree for pleeching, pollarding or coppici..