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40-60cm Bare Root Ligustrum Ovalifolium Green Garden Privet Hedging

Green Privet Hedge Plants
Green Privet Hedge Plants

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Privet Hedge - Ligustrum ovalifolium


  • Supplied 40-60cm tall, Bare Root
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Green garden privet is a quick growing, popular semi-evergreen hedge plant.  Fast growing Green Privet is the most popular plant for hedging and can be seen almost everywhere in housing schemes, and even in towns.  It has small, glossy green, oval leaves, and profuse white flowers followed by black berries that birds love. Privet hedges are a good alternative to Leylandii conifer hedge plants as it is easier to maintain and will not grow taller than about 4m. 

Privet hedges should be pruned a few times a year during the growing season to maintain its shape and regrowth.  And the more it is pruned, the less it will produce its white flowers that are a bit smelly. 

Where to Plant

Best planted in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade, all soil types.  Excellent for use as screening, hedging, windbreak in any size of garden.  Plant 3-4 per metre for single hedgerow, or 5-7 double staggered row creating a denser hedge.   

**Scot Plants Direct can only supply bareroot plants when they are dormant during the winter months from November to April annually.

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