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Spiral Tree Protection Guards

Spiral Guards

Spiral Tree Guards are very low cost per unit, and they are very quick and easy to deploy; a Spiral Tree Guard does not usually need an additional tree stake or fastening to hold it in place; The Spiral Tree Guard is a complete, self-contained protection system – it’s an ‘in one package’ offering you peace of mind (your plants and saplings are safe) and taking the minimum time to install / deploy. It is this ease of use and speed of deployment that makes Spiral Tree Guards the single most cost-efficient and genuinely effective way of protecting your young plants and trees from both chemical and animal attack.

When compared to other techniques, such as Tree Shelters, standard wire fencing or even standard staking, the Spiral Tree Guard is so simple and quick that other options immediately seem outmoded: once you’ve used Spiral Tree Guards, especially if you have to protect several plants or young trees, the time you save and the effortless way in which they ‘just get the job done’ will astonish you; you really will wonder why you haven’t always been using Spiral Tree Guards instead of your current system.

Spiral Tree Guards have kept improving ever since its original manufacture.  The well-formed overlap in a spiral guard is important to prevent animals being attracted to gaps in the tree protector and as well as protection against chemicals.  It is also important to install spiral tree guards the correct way up to remove the risk of tree strangulation.  This can easily be seen with the spiral guards we supply as the ventilation holes form a pattern of an arrow pointing upwards with the overlaps pointing upwards as well
Key Benefits of a Spiral tree Guard: 

Using a Spiral Tree Guards offers three key benefits over other, more traditional methods of young plant / sapling protection:
Cost effective
Protection from systemic herbicides and animal ‘browsing’ damage
Zero ‘injury’ or strangulation of the specimen plant / sapling
In fact, Spiral Tree Guards have been in wide spread use for some time across the Northern Hemisphere: for many years Spiral tree Guards have been used to protect young trees, seedlings and even single-stem edge plant varieties against damage from rabbits, hares, sheep and deer and human ‘trampling’.

The Spiral Tree Guard Grows with Your Plants 

The major advantage of a Spiral Tree Guard over the traditional methods of protecting your plants is of course the spiral’s ability to ‘grow’ with the plant it is protecting: as your plant or sapling matures, the spiral slowly expands, eliminating the ‘strangulation effect’ that is common when staking a plant with plastic ties. Because the Spiral Tree Guard ‘dynamically accommodates’ the growing plant, the resulting mature specimen is healthier and does not show the kind of marks and ‘injuries’ that are often visible on staked or fenced specimens.

Ventilation holes are an important factor when selecting Spiral Tree Guards.  Studies have shown that the young trees develop better and more reliably with ventilation holes which reduce the effects of mildew and leaf burn, both of which stung young tree growth.  However if the planting area is to be regularly sprayed with any chemical weed killer, then there should be no holes in the guards.
The key advantages of Spiral Guards include:
Very simple and quick installation
No fixing stakes or fastenings required on most trees
Lowest unit cost system and low maintenance
Doesn't need revisiting to remove from mature trees in most situations
Can promote thickening for hedging applications
Does offer some benefits to aid growth in young trees
Used by woodland authorities since 1970's
Tree Spirals are without doubt THE most environmentally friendly, safe and effective method of protecting everything from saplings and young plants shoots, through to hedge and border plants.