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Gooseberries - Planting and Care Guide

Gooseberry Planting and Care

It has once been said that 'anyone can grow goosberries' which is partly true, as they will put up with most soil types and a certain amount of neglect but they will not produce a good crop unless they are looked after. Weed, water, mulch, feed, prune and they will repay you for your efforts. Dessert varieties tend to be larger and sweeter and when fully ripe can be eaten fresh

Where to grow

  • Should be planted in well-drained soil, full sun to partial shade


  • Plant bare-root bushes between October and March
  • Plant container grown (pot grown) at any time providing the conditions are suitable

Planting distance

  • Plant single bushes about 12-15m apart (4-5ft)

Pruning and training

  • In winter, cut out any old or diseased wood and prune back new growth by about half. Keep the centre open and airy. Cut side shoots back to 5-8cm (2-3in)
  • In summer prune new side shoots to leave about five leaves


  • Pick berries when they are plump and slightly soft