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Cranberry Plants - Garden Tips

Planting and Care Cranberry Plants

Cranberries like blueberries, cranberries need acid soils with a low pH and may be best grown in containers or raised beds

Where to plant

  • Cranberries like a damp, boggy site or in containers kept well watered and very acid soil (pH 4-5.5)


  • Plant anytime but ideally in spring or autumn

Planting distance

  • Plant about 60cm (2ft) apart or in pots with minimum diameter of 45cm (18in)


Tips on growing

  • Cranberries are low-growing, straggly, spreading evergreens. They need a lot of water – almost boggy conditions.
  • If you grow them in containers stand the pots in trays that are continually topped up with rainwater

Pruning and training

  • All that is needed is a trim to keep them tidy in spring and autumn


  • Pick the berries from September onwards, they should last on the bush until you eat them.