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Blackberry Plants- Growing Advice and Tips

Planting and Care Blackberry Plants

Blackberries do best in deep well drained soils such as sandy loams and loamy sands.  They should be planted in January or February but definitely by April 1.  Planting them on raised beds is not recommended; they will easily dry out if this is done. 

 Space the plants 3.5 feet' apart in rows.  Space the rows 8 feet apart.  The biggest problem growers have is placing the plants too deep. Plant them at the same depth they were growing before transplanting.  Water after transplanting.


 Blackberries require only nitrogen as fertilizer.  Up to four ounces of actual nitrogen per year is required per plant.  Apply half of this before growth starts in spring, and the other half after pruning.  You can also provide a small sprinkle around the plants every few weeks in between these major feedings, and water in well.