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Rosa Rugosa Rubra Wild Rose Hedging Plants - 40-60cm Bare root

Rosa Rugosa Hedge
Rosa Rugosa Hedge
Rosa Rugosa Hedge

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Rosa Rugosa Rubra - Wild Rose

  • Supplied 40-60cm tall, Bare root
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Rosa Rugosa rose hedge plants are perfect for coastal hedging, tolerates wind, salt spray and drought resistant.  Rosa Rugosa is a fast growing hedging plant that forms a dense barrier, making it a perfect choice for informal hedging and only needs to be pruned once a year.  It has large bowl shaped flowers either dark or light pink that are very fragrant, and large dark red rose hips that are highly ornamental.  Rosa Rugosa is disease resistant and is very valuable to wildlife. 

Wild rose tolerates almost any soil type, but does very well in poor sandy soils – making this the perfect plant for wind, and salt locations especially coastal loaations.  Rosa Rugosa is quick to form a dense barrier where access is almost denied to humans or animals.  Its bark is light green, darkening thru the season and densely covered with tiny spines.

Rosa Rugosa flowers which are large and brightly coloured, attract a wide range of insects, especially bees.  Greenfinches and other birds feed on the enormous rose hips.  Plant in most any soil, especially sandy, well-draining.  

Where to Plant

Plant 3-7 for single row hedge or 5-7 for double staggered row hedge.  Ultimate spread after 10 years 1.5m x 1.5m.  

**Scot Plants Direct can only supply bareroot plants when they are dormant during the winter months from November to April annually.

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