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Full Box 250 Spiral Tree Protector Guards - 60cm

Spiral Tree Protection Guards

Product Code: s315

Price: £50.10
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Spiral Tree Protector Guards - 60cm (24in) Box of 250


  • SPECIAL OFFER - FULL BOX 250 60cm Clear Spiral Tree Guards
  • Very simple and quick installation
  • Offers protection of young trees without strangulation as trees and plants mature
  • Price Includes VAT


Spiral Tee Guards are the perfect low-cost protection for young trees, seeding transplants and single stem hedge plants against browsing animals such as hares, rabbits, sheep and roe deer.  The guards are quick and easy to install and in most cases, do not need additional tree stakes or fastenings to support them.

The greatest benefit for using the Clear Spiral Tree Guard is their ability to grow with the trees and plants as they mature    It has a unique overlap design that avoids the risk of strangulation of plants.  Ventilation holes also provide plants with the air flow that will reduce effects of mildew and leaf burn which may stunt growth.  If using chemicals around the plants, then you should purchase guards without holes.

Installation of the spiral tree guard is important to allow growth of the tree.  The overlap of the spiral must always be pointing upwards with the ventilation holes forming an arrow pattern also pointing upwards.  These Spiral Tree Guards are manufactured using 100% recycled PVC and offers about 4 growing seasons of protection even at high UV exposure levels.  They will eventually break down through photo degradation and will not harm the earth around the planted tree.

Weight: Approx 11.2kg per box.  CLICK here for Information on Spiral Tree Guards.

​Diametre - 38mm

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