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Bamboo Garden Canes 3ft

Tonkin Bamboo Canes are excellent for helping stake that plant or tree stand tall and proud and great canes for growing or supporting many things in the garden.

3Ft Garden Bamboo Canes and Poles

  • Supplied as 3ft (1 metre) bamboo garden canes in economy packs of 50
  • Price Includes VAT
  • Competively priced - great value for gardeners
  • ScotPlantsDirect offers 3ft garden canes in two different thicknesses: 8 to 10mm or 10 to 12mm diameter.
  • As with all bamboo canes the specified diameter is that at the base of the cane.
  • Browse our range of Bamboo Canes for all your garden projects - at very competitive prices with UK Wide Delivery
3ft Bamboo Canes - (8-10mm diameter)

3ft Bamboo Canes - (8-10mm diameter) Economy Packs of 50


Bamboo Garden Canes - 3ft tall (8-10mm diameter) Specification Quality traditional graded b..
Bamboo Garden Canes

3ft Bamboo Canes Extra Thick (10-12mm) Economy Packs of 50


Garden Bamboo Canes - 3ft tall (10-12mm diameter) Specification Supplied 3ft (90cm) tall wi..