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Growmore Fertiliser - 10kg Tub

Growmore Fertiliser - 10kg Tub | ScotPlants Direct

Product Code: GF-10000

Price: £21.60

Growmore Fertiliser - 10kg Tub

  • Boosts fruit and vegetable crops
  • Multi-purpose plant food providing major nutrients for healthy growth
  • Supplied 10kg tub, easy to store and reusable


Growmore is an easy-to-use granular feed perfect for encouraging stronger, healthier growth and flowering.  It provides three major plant nutrients in equal proportions making it an idyllic general-purpose feed all around the garden.  The nutrient balance will ensure stimulation of growth in all plants, meaning lots of fruits, flowers, abundant foliage, and strong root systems. Growmore is ideal as a base and top dressing, builds soil fertility and rich in essential nutrients.  It also boots vegetable and fruit crops as well as feeds shrubs and borders.  Growmore is  NPK 7-7-7

  • Total Nitrogen – 7%
  • Potassium Oxide – 7%
  • Ammoniacal Nitrogen – 7%
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide – 7%

Follow application instructions on package

How much to use:

1 handful of Growmore is about 35g (just over 1 ounce). Follow application instructions on the package

Where to use:

  • Vegetables before planting as well as established plants
  • Fruit Trees, shrubs and borders

Delivery Information

We aim to despatch all orders received within 10-14 working days following receipt of your completed and paid for order. Once despatched, your order should be with you the following day, dependent on your postcode. Please also note that bare root orders may take longer, due to the busy time of year and stock needing to be lifted.

Returns Policy

We ask that customers do not return goods to us without informing us first. This is to ensure that our staff at ScotPlants Direct are aware of your return and can attach any item to your details correctly. Our returns procedure is designed to provide the best possible outcome for all parties involved. Where necessary we will make arrangements for return of goods via our couriers, preferably in original packaging.

All orders placed online or over the telephone are bound by our full Terms and Conditions. Please read and understand them before ordering.

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