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Rhubarb (rehum) Timperley Early Bare Root

Rhubarb Timperley Early Plants

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Rhubarb Timperley Early 3 Crowns (Rheum) - Bareroot


  • Timperley Early is one of the best early varieties for forcing
  • Plant before Christmas for early February
  • Supplied 3 bare root crowns ready to plant


Timperley Early are grown and valued for its early cropping in February.  They have red stalks with a good flavour for jams, pies and crumbles!

Timperley Early must be planted before Christmas to see the early crops.  It is one of the best rhubarb varieties for forcing to get a tender early crop of tender shoots.  You may be able to cut it unforced late February / early March.

Where to Plant

Plant full sun, well-draining soil and not waterlogged. Make sure the ground is free of weeds before planting.  Timperley Early rhubarb should be planted November to December.  Plant  the crown with its growing point at or just below soil surface (no more than 4 inches below).  If the soil is a bit ‘wet’ planting the just raised out of the soil may help prevent the crown from rotting.  Space crowns about 1m apart.

Click here for Planting and Care for Rhubarb Plants.

NOTEScotPlants Direct can only supply bareroot plants when they are dormant during the winter months but you can PRE ORDER now to ensure an early delivery date at the start of the season in November to March annually.

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