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Rhododendron migranthum inkarho BloomBux

Rhododendron inkarho BloomBux

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Rhododendron migranthum inkarho BloomBux


  • NEW Introduction with soft pink flowers, easy maintenace, ideal alternative to box hedging
  • Stunning and colourful, perfect for beginners
  • Price Includes VAT


Rhododendron Bloombux is a NEW introduction with loads of clusters of soft pink flowers about June.  Inkarho rhododendrons are specifically bred rootstock, grafted to selected rhododendrons making it possible to grow INKARHO rhododendrons in normal garden soils.  There is no need to undergo pH changes as they can cope well with limy, and even heavy soils. 

Bloombux is an impressive shrub for many gardens and could be an alternative to an evergreen hedge as final height is about 80-100cm in about 10 years.  Bloombux responds well to pruning after flower, making it an easy maintenance plant.  Shaping this rhododendron is not a problem or pruning to a special short height for hedging is easy as well.  

Where to Plant

Plant in full sun to partial shade, well-draining, moist soil from acidic to pH7.5.  Rhododendron Bloombux avoids the blight of boxwood, stays evergreen when trimmed, flowers beautifully making this a incredible alternative to box hedging.

CLICK HERE for Planting and Care Rhododendrons / Azaleas.

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