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Large Specimen Rhododendrons - Hardy Hybrids

Rhododendron Specimens Large
Rhododendron Specimens Large

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Rhododendrons Large:

Rhodendron Large Specimen Hardy Hybrids

  • Gorgeous deep pink, red, rose buds opening to a fantastic explosion of colour late May. 
  • Hardy, easy to grow rhodendron hybrid specimen shrubs
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Rhododendrons and Azaleas are one of the best shrubs for any garden and are known for being showy with superb flower colour usually in Spring.  They are evergreen and some (Azaleas) are deciduous and range from dwarf, compact and tall hybrids.  They are evergreen, and require very little maintenance.  The flowering period of Rhododendrons is about April through to June and sometimes a bit longer depending on the variety. 

  • We are now offering very large specimen sized rhododendron plants in 130 litre pots.  These are delivered as one pallet per plant.  There is a limited supply of these and this will be the element which will bring the ‘wow’ factor for the garden. 
  • Read more about these large rhododendrons

Where to Plant:

Rhododendrons will need an acidic soil environment about pH 4.5-6, and good drainalge.  You can amend the soil by using some rhododendron / azalea compost in the planting hole, mix well before planting.  Make sure that you do not plant deeply as rhododendrons and azaleas are shallow rooting. and the roots should just be covered.  After planting you can add some bark mulch to the area, or another acidic type of material (rhododendron / azalea compost) and do not pack down.  Water well during dry spells. Fertilise in the spring with an ericeacous fertiliser or controlled release fertiliser for rhododendron / azaleas.

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