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Rhododendron Plants

Rhododendrons and Azaleas 

There are not many shrubs that are so widely anticipated in the spring as azaleas and rhododendrons.  Their showy lively displays of colour will excite the senses and take centre stage in any landscape.  It is the magnificent masses of colour that electrify the coming of spring.  The majority will bloom from March through May with a smaller number of species flowering in June to July.  They are one of the most popular shrubs that people grow where conditions are suitable, require a slightly acidic soil. 

There are as many as about 1000 different species of rhododendrons native to Asia, North America and Europe.  Wild rhododendrons are found from sea level to about 19,000 feet elevation, including alpine regions, temperate rain forests and broadleaved woodlands.  Rhododendrons and azaleas come in all sizes and shapes from ground covers to tall trees.

Rhododendron and Azaleas are one of the best plants that are the epitome of spring.  Any specimen in full bloom has no equal specimen in the spring garden.  They are drop dead gorgeous in all their various forms and colours.  Any single specimen is hypnotising when viewed close up.  A group of them viewed at a distance is nothing short of magnificent.  Their form, habit and incredible colours will dominate the spring landscape!

Rhododendrons and Azaleas are native to Asia, Europe, and North America and may be either deciduous or evergreen.  All evergreen species tend to originate from Asia and are very hardy.  Rhododendrons and Azaleas belong to the genus Rhododendron, with azaleas identified as a subspecies of the rhododendron family.  According to botanists there are not enough differences between the two to rank them as two species.

“All azaleas are rhododendrons, but not all rhododendrons are azaleas” (American Rhododendron Society) 

Rhododendron Specimens Large

Rhododendron Large Specimen Hybrids


Rhodendron Large Specimen Hardy Hybrids Gorgeous deep pink, red, rose buds opening to a fantas..
Rhododendron Albert Schweitzer

Rhododendron Albert Schweitzer - Hardy Hybrid


Rhodendron Albert Schweitzer – Hardy Hybrid Characteristics A hardy evergreen with dark pin..
Rhododendron Blue Peter

Rhododendron Blue Peter - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Blue Peter - Hardy Hybrid Characteristics A large leaved, well branched evergr..
Rhododendron Chionodes | ScotPlants Direct

Rhododendron Chionodes - Hardy Hybrid


Rhodendron Chinodes - Hybrid Characteristics Compct growing evergreen variety that is ..
Rhododendron Christmas Cheer

Rhododendron Christmas Cheer - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Christmas Cheer - Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Christmas Cheer is a popular rh..
Rhododendron Colonel Coen

Rhododendron Colonel Coen Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Colonel Coen - Evergreen Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Beautiful dark glossy gr..
Rhododendron Cunninghams Blush

Rhododendron Cunninghams Blush - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Hybrid Cunninghams Blush Characteristics Hardy Hybrid with a blush of pink flo..
Rhododendron Cunninghams White

Rhododendron Cunninghams White - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Cunninghams White - Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Ideal alternative for hedging..
Rhododendron Delta | ScotPlants Direct

Rhododendron Delta Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Delta - Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Evergreen, very low maintenance, dazzling..
Rhododendron Doncaster

Rhododendron Doncaster - Hardy Hybrid


Evergreen Rhododendron Doncaster - Hybrid Characteristics Stunning, hardy hybrid Doncaster ..
Rhododendron Dreamland

Rhododendron Dreamland


Rhododendron Yakushimanum Hybrid Dreamland Characteristics Compact yakushimanum hybrid rhod..
Rhododendron Elsie Straver

Rhododendron Elsie Straver - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Elsie Straver - Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Tall, hardy hyrbrid, Elsie Strave..
Rhododendron Golden Torch

Rhododendron Golden Torch


Rhododendron yakushimanum hybrid Golden Torch Characteristics Compact, bushy evergreen shru..
Rhododendron Goldflimmer

Rhododendron Goldflimmer - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Goldflimmer Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Popular variegated evergreen rhododen..
Rhododendron Gomer Waterer

Rhododendron Gomer Waterer - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Gomer Waterer Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Superb spreading evergreen shrub wi..
Rhododendron Horizon Monarch

Rhododendron Horizon Monarch Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Horizon Monarch Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Evergreen shrub, highly reliable ..
Rhododendron Kalinka | ScotPlants Direct

Rhododendron Kalinka evergreen yakushimanum


Rhododendron Kalinka evergreen Rhododendron yakushimanum Characteristics Evergreen, very lo..
Rhododendron Lord Roberts

Rhododendron Lord Roberts - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Lord Roberts Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Forms a bush with dense leathery foi..
Rhododendron Madame Masson

Rhododendron Madame Masson - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Madame Masson - Hardy Hybrid Old reliable hardy hybrid Tough, evergreen shrub w..
Rhododendron Marcel Menard | ScotPlants Direct

Rhododendron Marcel Menard - Hardy Hybrid


Rhododendron Marcel Menard - Hardy Hybrid Characteristics Marcel has deep purple, dense fun..
Rhododendron Red Marie Fortie | ScotPlants Direct

Rhododendron Marie Fortie Hybrid


Rhododendron Marie Fortie Characteristics Medium sized evergreen rhododendron with deep red..