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Azalea Racoon - Evergreen

Azalea Racoon | ScotPlants Direct

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Azalea Racoon - Evergreen


  • Azalea racoon is a late spring blooming evergreen azalea with vivid red flowers covering the plant.  
  • Supplied 2 Litre Pot Grow, 20-30cm tall ready to plant
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Racoon is a lesser known evergreen azalea but has one of the strongest red coloured flower blooms late spring.  It is compact, low growing, evergreen that will amaze you when the flowers come out in the spring.  Perfect for beds, borders, and containers.  Outstanding for small gardens, adding that special pizazz to the garden.  

Where to Plant

Plant full sun to dappled shade, well draining, area.  Soil should be slightly acidic.  Water well during dry spells.

A compact growing evergreen variety with red flowers in spring. Ultimate height -0.5m in 10 years. 

Supplied 2 litre pot grown ready to plant

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