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Viburnums are some of the most attractive, versatile, adaptable shrubs. They can be uses as hedges or screens, in mixed borders or stand alone specimen plants. They are plants with four seasons of interest as all Viburnums have profuse white to pink flowers in spring with highly attractive, textured leaves. Showy midsummer berries are an important food source for birds. Colourful red to purple leaves in fall persisting well into the winter. Perhaps the best feature of Viburnums is their adaptability. They are not picky and will grow in most soils and situations. If you are searching for a good looking hardy shrub or small tree for sun or partial shade, consider one of the members of the Virbunum family

Viburnum opulus Compactum | ScotPlants Direct

Viburnum opulus Compactum


Viburnum opulus Compactum Characteristics Quick growing shrub with outstanding palmate leav..
Viburnum tinus Purpureum Laurustinus Purpureum | ScotPlants Direct

Viburnum tinus Purpureum Laurustinus Purpureum


Viburnum tinus Purpureum Laurustinus Purpureum Characteristics Viburnum purpureum is a mid-..