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Rubus tricolour Chinese Bramble

Rubus tricolour Chinese Bramble

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Rubus Tricolour

  • Ideal for planting in areas that are dry, or banks, slopes.  Perfect as groundcover
  • Supplied 2 Litre Pot Grown, ready to plant


Evergreen shrub that is perfect goundcover in many areas of the garden.  Tricolour is more commonly known as Chinese Bramble.  It is a scrambling, creeping evergreen shrub with prickly stems. It has  glossy green, lobed leaves, hairy underneath and bears white flowers in the summer followed by edible red fruit in late summer. Its fast spreading habit affords its Tricolour (three colours).It can grow in deep shade , semi shade, or no shade.  Rubus prefers dry, or moist soils and can tolerate drought.  Perfect for growing in places where nothing will grow such as under trees, banks and slopes. Rubus is excellent for ground cover and is low maintenance and spreads rapidly. Ultimate height and spread – 0.5m x 2.5m after 10 years. 

Where to Plant

Plant full sun to partial shade in most soils. 

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