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Magnolias have been increasingly popular especially as new varieties are introduced every year. Magnolias have been around in gardens for many years and are evergreen or deciduous trees and tall shrubs. Some of the magnolias are valuable for lumber, and some species, the bark and fruit are used in medicine. In landscape design, the Magnificent Magnolias are planted often as solitary specimens where they can be seen!! Beautiful, Magnificent, Fragrant—don’t leave your garden without one!! - 

Magnolia acuminata Blue Baby| ScotPlants Direct

Magnolia acuminata Blue Baby


Magnolia acuminata Blue Baby Characteristics Stunning new Magnolia Blue Magnolia Cross po..
Magnolia Fairy Cream | ScotPlants Direct

Magnolia Fairy Cream


Magnolia Fairy Cream - Michelia Fairy Magnolia Characteristics Magnolia Fairy was raised by Ne..
Magnolia Susan | ScotPlants Direct

Magnolia Susan Pot Grown


Magnolia Susan Characteristics Supplied 40-60cm tall, 3 litre pot grown ready to plant Pl..
Magnolia denudata Sunrise | ScotPlants Direct

Magnolia denudata Sunrise


Magnolia denudata Sunrise Characteristics Stunning blooms, colourful, and scented. Suppli..
Magnolia Genie Flowering Red Magnolia Tree | ScotPlants Direct

Magnolia Genie Flowering Red Magnolia Tree


Magnolia Genie Red Flowering Magnolia Tree Deciduous magnolia with stunning purple burgundy / ..
Magnolia Sunsation | ScotPlants Direct

Magnolia Sunsation (Yellow Magnolia)


Magnolia Sunsation (Magnolia Tree) Characteristics Easy to grow Extraordinary pink and ye..