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Hebe is a genus of plants native to New Zealand and includes about 90 –100 species. They are found in most habitats and are ideal for coastal areas. Hebe flowers are perfect, the corolla usually has four unequal lobes, and the flower has two stamens and arranged in a group or cluster on a stem. The Hebe is grown in many gardens, attractive to butterflies and other wildlife

Hebe Baby Bronze | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Baby Bronze Pot Grown


Hebe Baby Bronze Description Bronze Baby is a nice, unusual evergreen, compact shrub with spea..
Hebe Frozen Flame | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Frozen Flame Pot Grown


Hebe Frozen Flame Characteristics Evergreen, easy to grow stunning colourful addition to ga..
Hebe Red Edge | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Red Edge Pot Grown


Hebe Red Edge Characteristics Popular hebe with red marginated leaves Supplied 3 Lit..
Hebe Sparkling Sapphire Shrubby Veronica  | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Sparkling Sapphire Shrubby Veronica


Hebe Sparkling Sapphire Stunning new small, compact hebe with gorgeous creamy / whitish leaf marg..
Hebe Wild Romance | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Wild Romance Pot Grown


Hebe Wild Romance Compact evergreen shrub perfect for beds, borders and containers Ever chan..
Hebe pinguifolia Pagei | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe pinguifolia Pagei


Hebe pinguifolia Pagei Characteristics Hardy evergreen shrub Supplied 3 Litre Pot Gr..
Hebe Purple Pixie | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Purple Pixie Pot Grown


Hebe Purple Pixie - Shrubby Veronica, Mohawk Characteristics Supplied 2 Litre Pot Grown rea..
Hebe Topiaria | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Topiaria Pot Grown


Hebe topiaria Characteristics Hardy evergreen shrub perfect for coastal areas Supplied 1...
Hebe Burning Heart Evergreen | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Burning Heart Evergreen


Hebe Burning Heart Characteristics Easy to grow and great for containers and borders.  ..
Hebe Heartbreaker Shrubby Veronica | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Heartbreaker Shrubby Veronica


Hebe Heartbreaker - Shrubby Veronica Characteristics Supplied 2 Litre Pot Grown ready to pl..
Hebe Paula Shrubby Veronica Paula | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Paula Shrubby Veronica Paula


Hebe Paula Veronica Paula Characteristics Evergreen hebe with rounded habit and deep pink/p..
Hebe Pink Passion | ScotPlants Direct

Hebe Pink Passion


Hebe Pink Passion Characteristics New introduction, stunning dark stems Supplied 2 Litre ..