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Climbing Plants

A garden needs vertical interest. Climbers, trained plants and creepers are the ideal plants for achieving this. They can grow against the wall of a building or envelop a column or pergola. Climbers can also be used to camouflage an ugly shed. Because they take up so little space at ground level, they are perfect for small gardens.

Climbing Plants at ScotPlantsDirect

  • Climbing plants are found in all parts of the garden, from full sun to full shade, damp or dry areas.  Some climbing plants are evergreen.  They need space to climb, and some like walls and fences and some do not.  Climbing plants can be used as groundcover. 
  • Climbing plants are vigorous growers that can hide a pergola, ugly wall or fence in one season.  Plants such as clematis and wisteria produce masses of colourful flowers making their appearance a pleasure each and every spring to summer.

Check out our range of Climbers and get that ugly area covered quickly!  If not sure which one - calll for advice on 01592 772274.

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