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Clematis Apple Blossom - Evergreen Clematis

Clematis armandii Apple Blossom | ScotPlants Direct

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Clematis armandii Apple Blossom (Evergreen Clematis)


  • Early blooming evergreen clematis, almond scented
  • Supplied 2 Litre Pot Grown plant ready to plant
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Clematis Apple Blossom is an early flowering evergreen with pale pink, saucer shaped flowers.  The flowers are Almond perfumed scented and will tend to fade to a near white as they mature through the season.  This clematis has gorgeous glossy green foliage that contrasts well to the pale pink blooms making any wall or trellis, etc. an outstanding floral beauty in the garden.

Clematis Apple Blossom can grow to about 20 feet and does not need pruning. However, if you need to prune do so just after flowering. It is easy to care for and will flower from March through April.  Please be aware that the leaves of the Apple Blossom Clematis are toxic to dogs if eaten.  Clematis Apple Blossom was awarded the Garden of Merit.

Where to Plant

Plant in sunny position for best flowering, well-draining moist soil.  Water well during dry spells.  Fertilise when needed with a slow release, balanced fertiliser.

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