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Black Currants - Gardening Tips and Advice

Planting and Care Black Currants

Blackcurrants are great for beginners as they are easy to grow although they need generous feeding and careful pruning to get a good crop

Where to grow

Blackcurrants like sheltered site, full sun or partial shade with rich, fertile, well drained soil


Plant bare-rooted bushes from October and March.  Container grown (pot grown) bushes can be planted at any time depending on conditions.  Planting distance – 1.5m (5ft) apart

Pruning and training

Prune new, bare-rooted bushes to 5cm (2 in) above the ground immediately after planting. After two years, in winter, remove up to one-third of the oldest stems which have almost black bark and look different to new pale shoots


Snip off entire strigs when berries are plump and shiny