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Common Laurel Prunus rotundifolia 4-5ft Pot Grown

Prunus Rotundifolia Common Laurel

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This product has a minimum quantity of 10

Common Laurel Prunus Rotundifolia 4-5ft Pot Grown

Evergreen Common Laurel hedging plants are one of the easiest to grow and maintain. They are fast growing, vigorous and good for hedging


  • Fast growing evergreen for hedging, windbreak or screening
  • Supplied 4-5ft Pot Grown in 7.5Litre Pots, tall, bushy and can be planted year round. Limited quantities.
  • Price Includes VAT


Instant hedging plant specimens at 4-5ft tall, pot grown and ready to plant. The common laurel are evergreen, quick growing - great for instant hedging and screening. They are more manageable then leylandii hedging plants.  Laurels have loads of tiny white flowers in vertical spikes in spring and early summer followed by shiny black fruit that birds love. They are tough, and hardy.  

Where to Plant

Plant full sun to partial shade, well draining, moist soil. Plant 1-2 per metre as they are big and bushy. Ultimate height and spread - 5m x 4m. 

IMPORTANTMinimum order size of 10 as this product is heavy and needs to be delivered on a pallet.  

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