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English Yew (Taxus baccata) 30-40cm Pot Grown

Yew Tree Hedging

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Taxus baccata - English Yew

  • Slow growing, evergreen plants perfect for hedging or specimen plants
  • Supplied 9cm Pot Grown, 30-40cm tall, ready to plant
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English Yew has always been associated with church yards. They are large, with dark green foliage usually about 15m tall.  They are often used for mazes, or topiary in large gardens.  Yew is often kept as a hedge as they are long lasting and easy to maintain. Colourful red berries are seen on female plants in the winter providing not only food, but the dense growth will give wildlife protective shelter.

Yew can be the perfect plant for screening, topiary, single specimen tree, farmland / woodland planting projects.  They are evergreen providing colour during those dull months in winter.  Height and spread when mature 10-15 metres but growth is slow.  

Where to Plant:

Yew can be easy to establish when young and will grow on most soils and locations, even chalk and in shade.  They do not like waterlogged or boggy areas and clay soils that can become waterlogged.  Plant full sun to partial shade, well-draining soil.  Prefer chalk or limestone, and light sandy soils.  Do not plant in clay as it will tend to become waterlogged, and Yew will not grow in boggy or waterlogged areas.  Plant 3-5 per metre for hedge

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