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Hazel Hedge- Corylus

Hazel (corylus) Hedging is a familiar sight throughout Scotland with its mid green leaves and long yellow catkins in early spring. It is a fast growing tree or multi-branched native shrub.  Fruit from Hazel hedge plants are produced as nuts in autumn.  Common Hazel hedging plants are seen in traditional mixed hedging rather than a stand-alone hedge.  Hazel plants are fully hardy, and are usually trouble free.  They can be coppiced every few years to restrict their size.

Pre-order Corylus avallena (Hazel) Bareroot Hedging Shrubs

  • Pre-order bare root Hazel (corylus) from ScotPlants Direct now for best discounted deals and early November delivery.  Bare root plants are best purchased during November to April (when not actively growing) for planting large areas of ground. 

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Hazel - Corylus avellana Bare Root

Hazel Bareroot Hedge - Corylus Avellana - 40-60cm


Hazel - Corylus avellana Characteristics Supplied 40-60cm tall, Bare Root and ready to plan..